Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snow Level - The First Screenshot

Happy Easter everyone and thanks for the feedback! We'll keep improving and tuning the game :)

The snow level Eureka will be added in Update 3

We might post a gameplay video of the new level sometime next week, stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Second Update!

Another update with awesome new features is coming out any moment! It was submitted a week ago and the status is currently "In Review".

The new alternate control scheme to please Reckless Racing fans!

New features:
-ARROW-STEERING CONTROL SCHEME: You requested it, and we delivered
-NEW CAR PAINT JOBS: Vagabond, Dervish and Deliverator!
-LEFT-HANDED CONTROLS: Finally on equal footing with the righties!

Control option for left-handed players: Fire button on left, Steering on right.

New challenges:
SHOTGUNS, GATLINGS, SNIPERS & STRIKERS: What could possibly go wrong?!

All the reverse races have their own icons and you can now race The Pit in reverse.
New Zebra skin for Dervish and the new Strikers challenge.

-New icons for reversed, mixed and rotated races
-Beginner bosses are now easier
-Velodrama and Refinery tweaked
-Vagabond physics changes
-Improved control tutorial

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a random crash when starting two-car challanges
-Fixed options menu getting stuck
-Fixed a bug in "Fifty kills" achievement
-Fixed a dead opponent winning a race
-Fixed a bug with a reverse race

The Second Update is currently in "In Review" and could be available any moment!

In the Third Update you can look forward to a new track! One hint: it's gonna be slippery...

Friday, April 8, 2011

The First Update!

We promised regular updates with new features, and there is more to come VERY SOON. Keep living the Death Rally!

New car:
-Unlock the power of the Wraith, a fast and furious NEW SPORTSCAR!

New weapons:
-STRIKER: Dish out massive damage with a weapon that fires multiple rockets!
-LASER SIGHT: Aim and destroy the enemy with more accuracy than ever!

New challenge:
-ALL NITRO CHALLENGE: Do you feel the need for speed?

-Player tag now more visible at race start
-Metal shader effects for cars in garage

Bug fixes:
-Fame is correctly updated in Game Center
-Grim Reaper & Spectrum of Pain now unlockable
-No longer crashes when drawing missile trails
-Resolved iPad 2 collision problems
-Comic voice-over now abides to voice volume setting
-Restarting career no longer selects a locked car
-Career playthrough counting bugs fixed
-Nitro no longer depleted when stopping the car
-Fame sound effect bug fixed

Here's the awesome Launch Trailer: